Thursday, February 26, 2009

Local Grocery Deals Feb 25th - March 3rd

Keep in mind, red indicates "stock up" deals!

Headland IGA:

Bone-in chicken breast .99/lb

Yotastic 6oz yogurt .30 ea

8 oz chunk or shredded cheese 1.67

32 oz Gatorade 1.00 ea

Instant oatmeal 1.67/box

*Juicy juice 2.50

Headland PW:

Doubling smart shopper stamps on Wed!

64 oz oj 1.69

8 oz PW cool whip .99

8 oz PW cream cheese .99

*zip pack pepperoni 2.99 (-.35Q)

Cabbage .33/lb

Winn Dixie:

64 oz WD oj 1.50

12 oz GG steamers 1.00

16 oz Ronzoni pasta BOGO (up to 1.59/2)

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

Boston butt .99/lb

8 oz chunk or shred cheese 1.67

Yotastic yogurt .33/ea

Broccoli .99 ea

Cauliflower .99 ea

Gala apples .99/lb

Food Depot (+10%):

FP Pork Loin Chops.99/lb

Armor jumbo hotdogs .67/ea

Iceberg lettuce .77/ea

Tomatoes .58/lb

Chef Boyardee can pasta .69 ea

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Bone-in chicken breast .97/lb

3-slabs small spareribs .97/lb

Ground beef 1.57/lb

15 oz Double Q salmon 1.50 ea

Red del apples .57/lb

34.5 oz Maxwell House coffee 5.97

Dothan PW (+10%):

PW can veggies .39 ea

5lb ground beef 1.33/lb

8 lb Potatoes 1.97

4 lb sugar 1.33(pretty good if you are totally out of sugar...last week it was less than $1/ 4lb)

16 oz hillshire smoked sausage 1.98

Whole chickens .95/lb

Kraft bbq sauce .48 ea

128 oz PW oj 1.98 BEST DEAL IN TOWN!!!!

4-pk Cottonelle TP .98

16 oz salad mix .89

Romaine lettuce .78 ea

5 lb red apples 2.77

1 lb strawberries 1.77

grapefruit $2.98/8 lb

Southern Family Market:

(Double Qs less than 1.00!!)

Jamestown Shank Portion Ham .79/lb (butt portions .99/lb)

Tuna Steaks .99/lb

Milk 2.88/gal Best milk price in town.

Granny Smith apples .88/lb

Libby’s large can veggies 1.00 ea

3 day sale:

Campbells Chick Noo/Tom soup .50/ea

Kraft M&C .50 ea

Ground chuck 1.79/lb Pretty good for chuck!!!!

Bone-in chicken breast .96/lb

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