Thursday, February 5, 2009

Local grocery deals February 4th- 10th

Posting a day late but certainly not a dollar short. I am very happy to share that I had the pleasure of helping my parents move into their new home...within 5 hours of my home! The first time since I was 12 have I had them living this close to me!

Back to the business of posting these deals for those of you looking here to find the best deals of the Wiregrass! Thanks for coming here and please leave some feedback! This is available due to the combined efforts of Sharla and on a less crazy week....I contribute too! The only money we "make" from doing this is the money we save by knowing the deals and keeping our weekly updated list with us as we shop. The local weekly deals guide us in choosing the most cost effective foods to include in our weekly menus... It helps us enough to make posting it worthwhile.....even if we only have one lone lurker out there:-)!!!!!

H'land IGA:

Pork chops 1.29lb

16 oz frozen turkey chub 1.25

Ground beef 1.89/lb

Sweet potatoes .39/lb

3 lb yellow onions 1.19

*32 oz Powerade 1.00 (buy 3 get 1)

H'land PW:

4 lb sugar 1.50

Kellogg cereals 2.29

16 oz salad mix .99

Poptarts 1.67 \

Winn Dixie:

Red seedless grapes .99/lb

Apples .99/lb

*Fiber One pastries, Chex mix bars BOGO

*chock full o nuts coffee BOGO

*select Kellogg cereals BOGO

48 oz Wesson oil, includes canola 2.99 (I am very partial to canola happy to see this deal!)

(this price good ‘til April 15th)

February prices:

*Corn flakes or fruit loops 1.77

*Progresso soup BOGO

*64 oz Welch’s juice BOGO

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

CS ribs .99/lb

Legs or thighs .99/lb

FP assorted pchops 1.29/lb

3 lb onions .99

12 oz salad mix .99

Temple oranges 7/1.00

Food Depot (+10%):It is all great this week!!!

FP pork loin chops .95/lb

2 pk boston butt .88/lb

12 oz best buy bacon 1.18

MILK!!! 2.49/gal

64 oz apple juice .99

16 oz saltines .79

8 oz mushrooms 1.00

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

8 lb potatoes 2.50 (.31/lb)

15 oz dbl luck green beans .39 ea

Dothan PW (+10%):

3 lb pkg chopped sirloin 1.88/lb

First cut pchops .98/lb

Boneless pchops 1.95/lb

Chicken thighs .48/lb

Cubes steak 2.55/lb

15 oz DM peaches .59

Lucky charms, reg or honeynut cheerios 1.95

10 lb potatoes 2.98

4 lb oranges 1.68

16 oz salad mix .95

1 lb fresh strawberries 1.88

3 lb apples 1.77

Southern Family Market:

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