Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Local Grocery Deals March 4th - 10th

Orange indicates "good price" and red indicates "stock up" prices!

Headland IGA:

Select GM cererals 4/$10 (use in ad Q for -$4/4, see if you can stack this with mf Qs)

48 oz Wesson oil 2.50, includes canola

Apples .69/lb

Hotdog/hamburger buns .99 /8 ct

Gwaltney hotdogs .99

Whole chicken .89/lb

Shank portion ham .99/lb

Headland PW:

Doubling smart shopper stamps on Wed!

Lipton tea bags 24 ct 1.89

20 oz corn chub 1.00

10 pack carpi sun 1.89

Jeno’s froz pizza .79 ea!!

Cantaloupe .99 ea

Winn Dixie:

18 oz Jif peanut butter BOGO (2/3.19)

Leaf or iceberg lettuce BOGO (2/1.79)

Dole Premium Classic Salads $1.50

Cantaloupe .99 ea

16 oz Smithfield polska or smoked sausage 2.50

8 oz WD cream cheese 1.00

Wd oj 2.99/gal

*4 ct fiber one yogurt 2.00, this is cheaper than WM

* Kelloggs cereal, bars, fruit snacks 2.50 (buy 4 get FREE gal of milk)

18 oz BC fam siz brownie mix BOGO (2/2.29)

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

4 lb domino sugar 2.00

FP ground beef 1.48/lb

2 pk boston butt .98/lb

FP bone-in chicken breast .88/lb

In-ad Q 12 OM bologna 5/$5, limit 5

In-ad Q lg eggs .99/doz, limit 1

In-ad Q 14 oz Kelloggs frosted flakes 2/$3, limit 2

Food Depot (+10%):

10 lb bag leg quarters .43/lb

2 pk boston butt .95/lb

12 oz Aberdeen bacon 1.48 ea

Apples .63/lb

FE salad mix .99/bag

26 oz Hunts spag sauce .79

48 oz Wesson oil 2.39, incl canola

Milk 2.28/gal

Flavorite butter 1.68/lb (very good deal...time to buy at least 5 and freeze them)

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Ground beef .99//lb (Good time to buy and make up meatloaf, meatballs, taco meat, cooked with onion for chili and other quick meals)

Onions .77/2lb

Dothan PW (+10%):

MILK 1.88/gal Very good!!!!

2 pk boneless chuck roast 1.86/lb

Whole, sliced pork loin .98/lb

Bar-S jumbo hotdogs .88/lb

GM cereal 1.98

26 oz Hunts spag sauce .88

FP ground chuck 1.77/lb

12 oz Kraft singles 1.78

? 30 oz Plowboy syrup 1.97

OF 4 qt icecream 2.98

Cantaloupes .97 ea

4 lb potatoes 1.88 bag

1 lb strawberries 1.65 ea

Roma tomatoes .63/lb

Red/white seedless grapes .96/lb

Broccoli crowns .94/lb

Southern Family Market:

(Double Qs less than 1.00!!)

Milk 2.88/gal

14.5 oz DL green beans .33 ea

16 oz roll sausage 1.19

8 oz BY chunk or shred cheese 1.50 !!!!!

1 lb strawberries 1.97

3 day sale:

Campbells Chick Noo/Tom soup .50/ea

Kraft M&C .50 ea

Ground chuck 1.79/lb

Bone-in chicken breast .96/lb

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