Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22nd Latest Grocery Deals are posted!

Headland IGA:

Chicken of the sea tuna .77

*Skippy pnut butter 1.50

*4 ct yoplus or fiber one yogurt 2.00

5 lb carrots 2.50 bag

Headland PW:

28 oz delmonte green beans 1.00 can

16 oz pw saltines 1.00

*GM bugles or chex mix 1.00

BC brownie mix 1.99

20 oz pictsweet corn chub 1.00

8 oz pw cream cheese 1.00

Bone-in split breast 1.00/lb (miscuts)

Vidalia onions .69/lb

16 oz RR salad mix 1.00

Smart shopper stamps are doubled on Wednesday.

Beware! It now takes 2 smart shoppers cards for some items!

Winn Dixie:

*Kelloggs corn pops, apple jacks, froot loops, honey smack, cocoa krispies 3.00 ea (Buy 3, get FREE milk)

*Kashi cereal or bars 2.50

Milk 2.50 gal

Bone-in split breast .99/lb

Month of April

*Trix or Cheerios 1.99

WD oj 2.50 gal

64 oz apples juice 1.67

16 oz wishbone salad dressing 1.67

8 pk Gatorade, 20 oz 5.50

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

CS ribs .99/lb

Lemons 6/$1.00

Baking potatoes .33 ea

Fresh snap beans .99/lb

Fresh yellow squash .99/lb

Turkey breast .99/lb

Food Depot (+10%):

10 lb leg quarters .43/lb

24 oz FE garden salad 1.98

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Anybody see an ad this week?

Dothan PW (+10%):

16 oz CP cocktail smokies 1.88

FP cubed beef steak 1.88/lb

Boneless bottom round roast 1.67/lb

FP thighs .44/lb

Center cut pchops 1.55/lb

16 oz Aberdeen becon 1.33

100 ct price wise tea bags .65

Bar s jumbo franks .85

Bounty paper towels .78 roll

4 ct charmin TP .95

20 oz pictsweet corn chub .98

Vidalia onions .50/lb

Yellow squash .95/lb

Red del apples .55/lb

Cucumbers or bell peppers .48 ea

Southern Family Market:

(Double Qs less than 1.00!!)

BC box helpers 1.00 ea (fri, sat, sun)

Vidalia onions .68/lb (fri, sat, sun)

Rotisserie chicken 4.49 (fri, sat, sun)

Month of April:

Milk 2.59/gal…price match!!!

16 oz Veg-All froz veggies .88

Kelloggs Frosted Flakes 1.99

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