Thursday, October 1, 2009

Local Groc Deals Sept 30th - Oct 6th

Headland IGA:
Rome apples $2/ 3lb bag
FL Tangerines $2/ 3lb bag
Cabbage .39/lb
Pillsbury Cake Mix .99/ea
Duncan Hines Brownie Mix .99
Carlita Tortillas .99
Tontino's Pizza Rolls .99
Boston Butt .98/lb
Jeno's Pizza .99/ea

Headland PW:
PW Cream Cheese .99
Bugles or Chex Mix 1.25/ 7.5-8.75 oz bags
PW Oj 1.69/ 64 oz
Delicious Apples .99/lb
Potatoes 1.50/ 9lb bag
Bar S family pack of Corn Dogs 3.99
Split fryer breast .99/lb
Rib Eye Steak 5.99/lb (not the greatest price...but abt as good as it gets for their rib eyes and they are most always a wonderful steak!
Example of PW Craziness...Cook's ham Steaks 3.49/lb these are often found for .99/lb certainly a great quick meal option!
Dothan PW (+10%):
Bananas .35/lb
Delicious Golden or Red Apples .68/lb
Aberdeen Bacon .98/ 12 oz pkg
First cut Pork Chops .75/lb
Fryer Leg Quarters .38/lb
Boneless Fryer Breast 1.48
Spiral smoked ham .88/lb
Maxwell house Coffee 1.96/ 11-13 oz
PW Veg Oil 1.44/ 48 oz

Shur-Valu (Porter Square):
Cabbage .19/lb
Med Eggs .79/dz
Pork Spareribs .99/lb
Beef Chuck Roast 1.79/lb
CS Ribs .99/lb
4 qt pail of Ice Cream 2.99

Food Depot (+10%):
Bananas .29/lb
Baby Carrots .99/ 1lb
Tomatoes .68/lb
Cook's Smoked Ham Portions .99/lb
Kraft BBQ sauce .69
Jumbo Brown Eggs .89/dz
Jeno's Pizza .78/ea

Southern Family Market (Brunos) (Best Yet (BY) is their store brand):
Boston Butt .88/lb
Slicemaster Ham Sandwich meat 1.88/lb
BY brand Cool whip .88 ea
BY Oj 2.48/gal
Seafood Deals continue!!!
Shrimp and Cod Fillets Buy 1 get 2
Crystal Farms Chunk or Shredded Cheese 1.50/8 oz
Farmland Sausage Links .99/12 oz

U-sav: (Cherokee IGA)

Boston Butt .99/lb
Boneless Fryer Breast 1.68/lb
Tangerines 1.69/ 3 lb bag
Winn Dixie:
example of WD craziness..."Buy 1 get 1 Kraft BQ sauce...$3.99 each!!!!" Notice Food Depot has it for .69 ea!
Nothing here truly impressed me. If anyone sees a deal here please let us know
Lg Avocado 1.25 ea

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