Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local Grocery Deals Oct 28- Nov 3rd

Headland IGA:
Red, Gold, Rome Apples 1.98/3lbs
Limes 5/$1
Cabbage .33/lb
Brocc and Cauliflower 1.38/ea
Tangerines 1.98/3 lbs
Pork chops .98/lb
Super chill drinks 2.67/12 pk
General Mills or Quacker $2 cereal assortment

Headland PW:
PW Cheese 2.69/16oz (that would be 1.35/ 8oz)
FL tangerines 5/$1
Tomatoes 1.09/lb
Rib eye steaks 5.99/lb I would say I think Headland PW has the best Rib-eye Steaks in the Wiregrass!
Potatoes 1.99/10 lbs

Dothan PW (+10%):
Bananas .35/lb
Braeburn apples .38/lb
Sweet onions .55/lb
Anjou or Bosc pears .75/lb
Chocolate milk 1.75/ half gal
Sauers Mayo 1.68
Loin end Pork Chops .75/lb
Whole smoked picnic .87/lb
Ground Chuck 1.38/lb
Ketchup .77/24 oz
Bumble Bee Tuna .54/5 oz

Shur-Valu (Porter Square):
Chicken Wings 1.29/lb

Food Depot (+10%):
yellow onions .99/3lb
Fl Tangerines 1.68/3lb
Red grapes 1.38/lb
Kraft salad dressing .49 (“after coupon“)
Super chill 12 pks 2.38
Loin Chops .91/lb
Ham Steaks 1.19/lb
Boneless Skinless Fryer Breasts 1.38!!!!!
Leg Quarters .39/lb
Tetley tea bags 1.28/ 24 count
Lance Crackers 1.55/8 pk

U-sav: (Cherokee IGA)
Fryer Breast .88/lb
Bar S hot dogs .99 ea
Cottonelle Bath Tissue $3.99/ 6pkg double roll
Tomatoes .88/lb
Cabbage .33/lb
Jalapenos .88/lb

Winn Dixie:
Broccoli 1.29 each
Mangos .99 ea
Kraft Mayo 2.99 (not best price, but perhaps the best this week

Southern Family Market (Brunos) (Best Yet (BY) is their store brand):
Southern Mkt Lg Eggs .88/dz
Haas Avocados .99
Chunky Campbell’s soup 1.88/18.6 -19.25
Crystal Farms Cheese (chunk or shredded) 1.50/8oz.
Farmland sausage links .99/12 oz.
Suave Shampoo & conditioners .99/15 oz
Look for suave q’s they double q’s under $1

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