Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Local Grocery Deals Nov 11th - 17th

The sales are indicative of the the upcoming feasting of the holidays. Think long term and stock up while the prices are great! Happy shopping!

Headland IGA:

Pears .98/lb

Cream cheese .99

Butter 1.65

Ground beef 1.78/lb

10lb leg quarters .48/lb

White lily flour 1.48

Whipped topping .89
Nestle choc chips 1.65
Jennie-o turkey breast 1.49

Headland PW:

Celery .89

Cream cheese .99

8 oz PW shred cheese 1.50

Powd & brown sugar .79/lb

Mahatma rice .59

Pet milk 1.00

Corn chub 1.00

Dothan PW (+10%):

Broccoli cowns .98/lb

Fresh whole pineapple 1.88 ea

Green onions .44 bunch

40lb box sweet potatoes 11.00 (wanna share????)

Tomatoes .86/lb

3lb onions .88

8lb grapefruit 3.48

8lb navel oranges 3.98

10lb red del apples 3.98

12oz Kraft cheese slices 1.68

8oz cheese 1.55

12oz Aberdeen bacon .99

16oz Bryan cocktail smokies 1.88

10oz sliced ham/turkey 1.68

16oz Farmland sausage chub .98

Bar-s jumbos .88

18-24lb turkeys .68/lb

Jennie-o turkey breast 1.36/lb

Center cut boneless pork loin 1.37/lb

Whole filet mignon 6.95/lb

10lb leg quarters .48/lb

Chopped sirloin 1.77/lb

DH cake mixes .78

DM canned vegetables .49

33.9oz Folgers coffee 4.98

5lb Martha White flour 1.47

15oz DM peaches/fruit cocktail .97

16oz ronco elbow macaroni .77

116oz keebler townhouse/club crackers 1.88

Mccormick brown gravy mix .50 env

Pw chicken broth .44 can

15oz DM canned pineapple .58

Velveeta shells&cheese 1.57

24oz mary b’s frozen dumplings 1.98

5lb froz meatballs 7.98

Shur-Valu (Porter Square):

Sweet potatoes .39/lb

Oj 1.99 gal

Butter 1.99

White lily flour 1.50

DM vegetables .69 ea

Graham cracker crusts .99

Gold Medal red food coloring .75

12-pk Sunkist 1.99

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

8oz mushrooms 1.50

3lb tangerines 2.50

Fresh snap beans .98/lb

Iceberg lettuce .99 head

CS ribs .99/lb

Hens .79/lb
Bone-in chicken breast .89/lb

Boneless pork chops 1.78/lb

8oz whipped topping .89

Food Depot (+10%):

Iceberg lettuce .88

Fresh yellow squash .78

Mini carrots .98

4lb oranges 1.88

Ham steaks .99/lb

8oz cheese 1.18

Butterball turkey .99/lbGround chuck 1.69/lb

Sunny d .78

Kraft M&C .69

4lb sugar 1.68


Note: Double Qs less than 1.00!!

5lb clementines 5.97

8oz cream cheese 1.00

Frozen corn chub 1.00

16oz froz McKenzie’s vegetables 1.00

48oz Crisco canola oil 2.50

Winn Dixie:

Premium bag salads 1.25

8oz mushrooms 1.25

Sweet onions .79/lb

Bananas .33/lb

Large eggs .99 doz

Chex ix cereal 4/$6 (that’s 1.50/box, must buy 4 boxes in a single transaction

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