Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 2 - 8th Local Grocery Deals

Headland IGA:
Potatoes 1.98/10 lb
Bananas .44/lb
FL Red Grapefruit 1.98/ 3lb
Boston Butt .89/lb
Bone in Chicken Breast .98/lb
Asst. Pork Chops ,98/lb
Margaret Holmes canned veg .98/ 14.5-27 oz cans
Butter $2/lb (not the best price ever…but in case you want to know)
CF Chunk and Shredded cheeses 1.65/8 oz
Jeno’s Pizza .88
Check out the coupon for cereal deal in flyer

Dothan PW (+10%)
Cabbage .19/lb
Potatoes 1.38/ 8lb
Yellow or white ear corn .25 each
Yellow Onions .95/3 lbs
Red Grapefruit 2.38/5 lb
PW Oj 1.28/64 oz
Split Fryer breasts .78!!!!!
Bar S hot dogs .69
Bar S corn Dogs 3.48/ 3 lb box
Nab Saltines woo hoo ready for some oysters!!! 1.88
Mahatma yellow rice .39/ 5 oz

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)
Cabbage .19
Fryer Breast .79/lb
Ziplock Freezer bags .99

Food Depot (+10%)
Ground Beef 1.25/lb
Fryer Breast .85/lb

U SAV Cherokee IGA
Baby carrots .99/16 oz
Dixie Crystal sugar 1.67/ 4 lb bag
Center Cut Pork Chops 1.69/lb

If anyone has seen this circular…please pass it my way:-)

Winn Dixie
Just looked at the ad and saw nothing real exciting:-(

Ad, anyone?

Headland PW
PW Ice Cream 1.25/ half gal
Red or Golden apples .59/lb

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