Thursday, February 25, 2010

Site Meter...hesitancy...who knew!

In January 2008 I was challenged to start learning prices and being more frugal.  I discounted the value of shopping the sales and claimed to have it all figured out by shopping at the large "mart", you know, "the low price place".... thus only having one stop for all my shopping.  I believed this to be the best management of my resources.  I rarely looked at prices yet I believed that I was financially responsible, not extravagant  and making the most of our grocery/household non-budget. 
My attitude toward this whole process changed as the stability of so many jobs seemed tenuous.  I and Leah Belle, the friend that challenged me to pursuing this frugal venture began to compile a price list, I was amazed!  I started getting the Wednesday local paper faithfully and compiling a list of the best grocery deals...cutting out the clutter.  You know, the "fake" sale items that are twice the best price...yes, they do that!  My aunt in particular wanted it posted by Thursday...which is her shopping day.  So, this blog has been here since November 2008.  It has been a fun process. 

Well, this friend of mine, Leah Belle, is now offering couponing workshops to local groups*.  After her last workshop she suggested that I set up a site meter for this blog.  I admitted to her, that I had been posting here, but truly I did not want to know if no one else cared about the efforts.  With her urging, I set it up that night.  Well, today marks the 2nd week of deals since that night I hesitantly installed the meter....The site has had its 100th hit!  Thank you all for enjoying and using this information!

*Leah Belle can be contacted for Cents and Centsibility workshop info at

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