Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th - 15th Local Grocery Deals

Dothan PW (+10%)Tomatoes .57/lb
Cucumbers and  Bell peppers .38/lb
Broccoli Crowns .78/lb
Cantaloupes .69 each
Fresh Corn .28 each
Bar S Hot Dogs .85
Thighs and Legs .77/lb
Boneless Chuck Roast 1.98/lb
Hunt’s Ketchup .76/24 oz
Gatorade .58/32 oz
Sauer’s Mayo 1.55/32 oz
Hunt’s Spag Sauce .85
Nature’s Crystal Spring Water 2.77/24 ct
Family Size Tea bags 1.44/ 24ct  (334-673-3776)

U-Sav(Cherokee IGA)Tomatoes .69/lb
Strawberries 1.99/lb
Turkey Breast 1.19/lb
Boneless Ribeye Steaks 3.89/lb
Fryer Thighs and Legs .89/lb

Food Depot (+10%)FE Salad Mix .99/12 oz
Cantaloupes .79 ea
Cabbage .25/lb
GA peaches .78/lb
Turkey Bacon 1.58/12 oz pkg
CP Ham Sandwich Meat 1.58
3# box Corndogs 3.88
10# bag Chicken  Quarters .41/lb
Pepsi 12 pks 2.97 (limit 4)
Malt-O-Meal cereals .59/11oz bag
Del Monte Ketchup .79
Moors Marinade 1.69/16 oz
Flavorite Cheese assort 1.38
Flavorite Frozen Veg .95/16oz bag
Peter Pan PB 1.29/15 oz jar

Headland IGA
Headland Piggly Wiggly
Shur Valu  (Porter square)  40 # box Split Chicken Breast 24.99 (.62/lb)

Efurd’sBoston Butts 1.29/lb

Winn DixieCherries 2.49/lb
Lg eggs .99/dz
Meal deal of the week 1 Stouffer’s Lasagna get free
Garlic bread, Bird’sEye Veg, Edy’s IceCream and
2 L Pepsi
Buy 4 Boxes($8)  (Kellogg’s Cereal) get a gal milk Free
(Raisin Bran, Special K, Fruit Loops, and Pops)

Brunos  (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons every day! BY OJ 2.99/gal
BY Butter 2.50/lb
(4 Days only Thurs-Sun) Brunos Lg eggs .99/dz

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