Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oct 20th-26th Local Grocery Deals

Dothan PW (+10%)
Bananas .36/lb
10 lb bag Russet Potatoes 1.88
Iceberg lettuce .87 each
4# bag FL Oranges 1.99
1st Cut Pork Chops .97/lb
lean Ground chuck 1.65/lb
split chicken breast .78/lb
DH cake mixes .79 each
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1.95/ 56 oz
Hunts Ketchup .78/24 oz
Angel soft TP .86/ 4pk
Family sz Lipton Tea Bags 1.50/ 24 ct

Food Depot (+10%) Cherokee (792-0153)
Boneless Skinless Fam pak 1.68/lb
Celery .84 each
Gold Medal Flour 1.49
4/12 pks Dr. Pepper $9
DF Cheese assort 1.53/8 oz
Frito Lays 1.76/ 15.5 bag

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)
Shurfresh OJ .99/ 64 oz
Shawnee Flour .99/5 lb bag
Argo Sweet Peas .29 ea
2# bag onions .69
5 # or more Grnd Beef 1.09/lb

Winn Dixie
Follow the link below to increase your savings if interested in using coupons

Large Pumpkins 3.88

Boston Butt .99/lb
Campbell’s Soup Ckn Noodle and Tomato .50 ea
Wish bone salad drsg 1.50 (select varieties)
12 Double Rolls Angel Soft TP 5.99
Kellogg Cereals 2.09/12.5-14 oz (select varieties)

Headland Piggly Wiggly
PW OJ 1.79/64 oz
2# bags Frozen Vegs 1.67 ea
Bananas .49/lb

Hometown (formerly iga)
limes 10/$1
3# bags Tangerines 2.50
16 oz Peter Pan PB 1.79

ground beef 1.49/lb (5 lb pkg)
parade cream cheese .99
4 lb bag FL oranges 2.89
CA carrots .79
Bananas .49/lb

Bartlett Pears .99/lb
Portabella Mushrooms 2.69 /6 oz pk
Iceberg Lettuce .99
Boneless chuck Roast 1.99/lb
Bumble Bee Tuna in pkg BOGO or 1.45/5 oz pkg.
Juicy Juice 64 oz BOGO or 1.68
7-up, A&W, Diet Rite 12 pks 4/$10
Birds Eye Frozen Vegs 50% off  ($?)
Publix Deli Hummus 1.99/ 8 oz

visit to maximize your savings at Publix
*since Pubix will sell just 1BOGO for half price.The prices listed above are the price if you bought just one.  Remember, Pubix doubles q’s .50 or less and takes 2 q’s on BOGO items. The above link will show you printables that correspond with the deals at Publix.

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