Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 17th- Local Grocery Deals

The deals are posted for your shopping pleasure!  Being that many share the same menu this time of year, the stores are truly competing for your business.  While usually I try to post only the best price out there for the week, this week I included some of the same items at the various stores so you can decide for yourself how to best spend your time.  Our time seems so much more stretched that stopping at the various stores may not be an option, so this week and next I may give just a little more info than normal.  Happy frugal shopping!  Shop early and shop with a full stomach:-)


Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)
Nov 17th-30th

Now carrying a lg assortment of fresh herbs!
3# bag onions .99
Celery .77/lb
8 lb bag Navel Oranges 3.95
3# Tangerines 1.88
Local Turnip, Mustard and Callard Greens 1.77/lb
Grn Peppers, and Grn Onions .35 ea
RR Salad Mix .95/16 oz
15# potatoes 2.97
40# sweet potatoes $11
PW Cream cheese .98/ 8 oz.
PW OJ 1.50/ half gal
Cocktail Smokies 1.88/14 oz
Ground Chuck 1.67/lb
Boneless Beef Brisket 1.95/lb
10 # bag Chicken Quarters .39/lb
PW Cream of Soups .50
Sweet Sue Chicken Stock .48
5# GM Flour 1.50
Wesson Oil 1.75/ 48 oz
DH cake mix .88

Food Depot (+10%) Cherokee (792-0153)
Nov17th- 28th
Fresh Turkey Breast .99/lb
Boneless, Skinless Chicken breast 1.48/lb
1# Aberdeen Bacon 1.99
Del Monte Veg (Peas, Corn, Grn Beans) .45
DH Cake Mix .87
Wesson Oil 1.97/ 48 oz
Kraft Mayo 1.69/ 30 oz.
12 pk Pepsi Products 2.75
Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese 1.99/ 8 oz.
Flavorite Cream Soups .55 ea

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)
Nov 17th -24th
10 # bag Leg Quarters .39/lb
Turkey Breast .97/lb
DC Sugar 1.79
Sweet Potatoes .25/lb
5# Martha White Flour 1.39

Winn Dixie
Nov 17th-25th
Green or White Asparagus 1.99/lb
Smithfield shank portion smoked ham 1.39/lb
Nestle Choc Morsels 2.99 BOGO
5# GM Flour 1.49
BC Premium Brownie Mix 2.79 BOGO (1.40)
Land O Lakes Butter 2.50/lb
Green Giant Steamers $1

Nov 17th-24th
Publix Turkey .59/lb
Land O Lakes Butter 2.50/lb
Red Seedless Grapes 1.49/lb
Publix Hummus 1.99/8 oz
BOGO Coolwhip 1.95/2/8oz or .95 ea


Nov 17th- 25th
Smithfield Premium Spiral Sliced Ham 1.88/lb
Hens or Turkeys .67/lb.
Asparagus 1.88/lb
Chicken Breast 1.77/lb
Blue Bell Ice Cream 3.99/ 64 oz tub
Fresh Pineapple 2.88 ea
5 lb bag White Lily Flour 1.50
B1G2 Shrimp
5 lb box Clementines 6.99
Sabra Hummus 2.99
DH Cake Mix $1

Nov 17th-25th
Green Giant selec veg 4 pk $2
Canned Swanson Ckn Stock .50 ea
Celery .84 ea
3 lb bag clementines 3.75
5 # GM Flour 1.50
Edy’s Slow churned Ice Cream 2.50/58 oz
Kraft Cheese $2/ 8 oz
BC Cake Mix .98

Nov 17th- 24th
Ground Beef 1.39/lb
Boston Butt 1.09/lb
Cool whip .99

Headland PW
Nov 17th- 30th
Celery .79 ea
8# potatoes 1.99
Turkey Breast 1.49/lb
Lean Grnd Beef 1.69/lb
Young Turkey .79/lb
DH cake mix .99

Hometown Food Center (H’land IGA)

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