Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16th-22nd Local Grocery Deals

With gasoline topping $3/ gal all the more reason to save money where able!  Hoping you find the deals this week to help you with your meal planning and money saving goals! 

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)
Fl Strawberries 1.98/ lb
10# bag Potatoes 2.48
Green Cabbage .28/lb
10# bag leg quarters .38/lb
Lean Ground beef 1.88/lb
Crisco Veg oil 1.77/48 oz
32 oz. PowerAde .68
PW Milk 2.77/gal
Fam pk Red Diamond Tea bags .98/24 ct

Food Depot (+10%) Cherokee (792-0153)
Lg Green Pepper 2/.98
Red Grapes 1.39/lb
16 oz bag peeled Baby carrots.99
Fam pk Fryer Legs .69/lb
Fryer Wings .99/lb
Black Angus Sirloin Tips 2.58/lb
CP Cooked Ham 1.48/10 oz pkg
Starfish Tuna 2/$1
Del Monte canned Veg asst. .50/15 oz
Kellogg Cereal 1.99
(18 oz Corn Flakes, 12 oz Rice Crispies)
Flavorite Milk 2.99/gal
Tropicana OJ 2.69/58 oz.
140 oz Bucket Ice Cream 3.99

Shur Valu8# Russett Potatoes 1.99
3# bag YELLOW ONIONS .99
FL strawberries 1.99/lb
10# bag Leg Quarters .39/lb
T-bone 2.99/lb
Pork Loin Chops 1.19/lb
Aberdeen Bacon 1.50/12 oz

Winn Dixie 3DAY SALE:
   10# bag Potatoes 2.99
   Red Baron Classic Crust Pizza 2.5019-24.2 oz
   Community Coffee 3.99/12 oz
   Colgate Toothpaste .99/6.4 oz
   12 double roll Cottonelle 4.99

Deals all week:
   WD Organid PB 2.79/16 oz
   Wesson Oil varieties 2.99/48  oz. 
   DH Family Size Brownie Mix 1.25

Efurd’sFryer Breast .99/lb
Cook’s Shank Portion Smoked Ham 1.19/lb
10# bag leg quarters .49

PublixEat Smart Prepped Veg bags $1/10 or 12 oz
Baby Portabella Mushrooms 1.69/8 oz
Mangos .99 each
6 oz Boar’s Head Pepperoni Pouch 2.50
Publix Deli Rotis Chn Dinner 3.69
 (Includes: Leg quarter, 2 sides and a roll)
Motts 100% Apple JC  1.67/ 64 oz
28 oz cans Hunts 100% Natural Tomatoes 2/1.89
7-10 oz Green Giant Frozen Veg $1
  (excludes asparagus cuts)

BrunosSanderson Farms natural Ckn Breasts 1.67/lb
Red Grapes 1.25/lb
Fishin Shrimp B1G2
Creamy Peter Pan 3-pk 3.99/ 16.3 jars
Best Yet Long Grain Rice  White or Brown! $1/#

Hometown Food Center (H’land IGA)

Headland Piggly Wiggly

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