Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 13th- 19th Dothan and Headland Grocery deals

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)
8# bag CA Navel Oranges 3.88
5 lb bag Red Delicious Apples 2.96
Vidalia Onions .44/lb
Green Cabbage .25/lb
Cantaloupes 1.25 ea.
Baby Carrots .88/lb
5# bag grapefruit 1.98
Premium Whole Fryers .88/lb
Cook's Shank portion Smoked Ham 1.15/lb
10# box Hickory Hollow Sliced Bacon 13.95
Boneless Ham Steaks 1.65/lb
Pork Spare Ribs 1.77/lb
Kraft BBQ sauce .78
Duncan Hines Cake mix .88
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1.95
Red Diamond Bleach .95/96 oz.

Food Depot +10% (Cherokee IGA)

Strawberries 1.88/lb
Yellow Squash .78/lb
Cantaloupes 1.50 ea.
Cole Slaw .98/16 oz.
Gwaltney Hot Dogs .79/lb
CP Ground Turkey 1.18/lb chub
Fresh Chicken Wings .91/lb
Fam Pack Ribeyes 3.88/lb
Flavorite Frozen Vegetables .99/lb
Del Monte spag sauce .85/26 oz can
Flavorite Shredded or Chunk Cheese 1.35/8 oz!!!  Stock up price!
Flavorite Cream Cheese .99/8 oz
GA tomatoes .44/14 oz cans

Shur Valu (Porter Square)

3# bag yellow onions .89!!!!
Shurfresh Shredded Cheese 1.25/8 oz.
Fresh Fryer Wings .85/lb
Whole or Half Pork Loin 1.35/lb
Coca-Cola 12 pks 3/$10

Winn Dixie

MEAL DEAL: Buy 6 totinos pizzas for $10
GET FREE....Mozzerella Sticks, Little Debbie Snack, Hawaiian Punch and Lindy's Italian Ice

White Mushrooms 1.50/ 8 oz
Dole Lettuce Selection 1.50/9-11 oz bag
(Just lettuce, Greener selection, and Classic Romaine)
Seedless Black or Crimson Grapes 1.49/lb


Publix Sweet Butter 2.50/lb
DelMonte Canned Vegetables BOGO 2/1.29
Wesson Oils Assort BOGO 2/4.19
Lipton Tea Bags 2/3.91
DH Cake Mixes BOGO 2/1.98
buy 3 12-pks of Coke get 1 free= 4 12 pks /$12
Nabisco Crackers BOGO (Wheat Thins, Triscuits, and Ritz

Brunos is sadly going out of of right now all their inventory is 30% off.  I will most ceratainly miss their produce department.   It is a sad day as Brunos has been a part of Dothan and is a landmark.

Hometown Food Center (H’land IGA)

20# bag of Russett Potatoes 4.98....Divide it with a friend!
Zucchini .98/lb

Headland Piggly Wiggly
12 roll Charmin $5
Blue Bell Ice Cream 3.89/half gal.
DH Cake Mixes .99
Nabisco Saltine Crackers 1.89

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