Friday, May 13, 2011

May 11th- 17th Local Grocery Deals

Sorry folks, just my favorite stores this week! Had intended to get back to the paper to check out the deals at the other papers have disappeared.  Not complaining....thankful someone is taking the time to declutter over here:-). If you just have to know the other deals check out this link for SouthernSavers  for Winn Dixie,  Publix and Walmart deals.  Have a lovely weekend!  Thanks to all the ones that encourage me to keep on posting!  Your kind words are motivating!  Just knowing this helps even a handful of others striving to manage wisely the funds entrusted to them, is reason enough for me to keep on doing this!

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)
Tomato .58/lb
10 # Russet Potatoes 2.28
Fresh Strawberries  1.33/#
Sweet corn .25 each
Watermelons 2.50 each
Cabbage .22/lb
Farm Fresh Collards 1.95/ 2#bag
Fresh Grn Beans .68/lb
5# bag Tilapia Filets 12.50
4.85 box Flame Broiled Burgers $7
Lean Grn Chuck 1.97
10# box Boneless Skinless Ckn Breast  15.75
Fryer Wings .77/lb
10# bag Fryer Quarters .39/lb
Capri Sun 1.85
20 pk coke products 2.98 (with attached q)
Kraft bbq sauce .68 ea
Blue Bunny Ice Cream sandwiches .99/6 pk box

Food Depot +10%  (Cherokee IGA)

10# bag oranges 3.88
Lettuce .78/ head
Bell Peppers .50 ea.
Minute Maid OJ 2.50/ 39 oz
Malt-O-Meal Cereals .98
Flavorite Cereals 1.67/ 4# (limit 3)
Boneless Chn Breast 1.48/lb
Bar S franks .88 ea # pkg
Ground Chuck Patties 1.99/lb
Aberdeen Bacon 1.66/12 oz
Angus Top Sirloin 2.98/lb
2 pk Boston Butt Pork Roast 1.28/lb
Fam pk Ribeye Steaks 3.88/lb
BC Bundt Cake 3.99 with in-ad coupon
(pineapple orange, sock it to me, lemon, or sour cream)

Shur Valu  (Porter Square)
Fam pk Lean fresh Grn Beef 1.79/lb
Jumbo Pk Fryer Breast .89/lb
Fryer wings .89/lb
2 pk Boston Butt 1.33/lb
Fri  and SAT only
10# box\Tilapia fillets 23.99
Usually 5# bag of Tilapia  is $12 - $15

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