Thursday, January 1, 2009

Grocery deals Dec 31st - Jan 6th

Piggly Wiggly (+10%)

Milk $2.77
Dixie Crystal Sugar $1.50/4 lb bag
Fryer Breast .77
Whole Fryer chicken .87/lb
Country Style Ribs .98
Pork Spareribs $1.18/lb (2 packs)
Ground Chuck $1.55
Hot Pockets $1.77
Bananas .38
Cabbage .24/lb
Romaine Lettuce .88/head
Blue Bell Ice Cream $3.33

U-SAV (Cherokee used to be IGA)

Fryer Breast .69/lb
Country Style Ribs .99/lb
Sausage Chub $1.25/lb
Florida Natural OJ $2.50/64 oz.
Carrots .59/16oz
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 2/$6 (56 oz)

Food Depot (S. Oates or Columbia Hwy) +10%

Chicken Quarters .35/lb (10 lb bags)
Pork Loin Chops .85/lb
Boston Butt .95/lb
Mushrooms $1.37/8 oz

Shur Valu Foods

Ground Beef $1.29
Russet Potatoes $2.49/8 lb
Milk $2.87
Nabisco Saltines $2

Southern Family Mkts.

Chicken Leg Quarters .39/lb (10 lb bag)
Strawberries $1.97/lb
Hamburger Helper 10/$10


Chicken Breast .99/lb
Dole Salad kits or blends BOGO (save up to 3.99)
Chubs of ground turkey 10/$10
*Maizetos Corn Chips 10 oz. $1.50 (had -.50 coupon) $1/bag!

Headland Piggly Wiggly

Hunts .89/24oz
PW Shredded Cheddar or Mozzarella $5.79/64 oz. ( That translates to .72/ 8 oz.....can't be beat....if my math is right!!!) Guess what it was a typo....I called the store and they just said...."Sorry Greg made several mistakes in the sales ad this week." It was really just a 2 lb bag of shredded cheese...32 oz! Makes it 1.40ish /8oz....still a good deal but not phenomenal!!! I am feelin sorry for Greg:-) LOL!
Lean Cuisine entrees $1.88/box
PW Saltines Crackers $1.09/1lb

The milk deal in the ad was also a "typo". Just so you this small town...this groc store does not feel compelled to honor the mistakes made in the sales ad.......

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