Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Local Grocery deal Jan 7-13th

January 7 - 13

Can I just give a "shout out" to Sharla! She has been doin' some traveling so while she was gone I once again did the main compilation of the local grocery deals....I really do appreciate her efforts in making this happen! Welcome home, friend and thanks for getting these ready for posting!

Headland IGA:

8 oz IGA cool whip .99

Rice-a-roni 1.25 ea

(buy 8 and use Q for -$5 off chicken, turkey, pork, or beef)

3-day sale items:

Chicken thighs/legs .88/lb

FP ground chuck 1.79

3 pk spare ribs 1.39/lb

1 lb froz ground turkey chub 1.25

Headland PW:

26 oz Hunts spag sauce .89

*Pringles .89 (-.30/3)

4 lb sugar 1.50

Froz corn chub 1.00

Winn Dixie:

Apples .99/lb

GG steamers 1.67

GM cereals 2.00

Special K cereal or bars 1.99

Bing cherries 2.99/lb I love cherries! Reminds me of my Seattle days....touring Pike Place Public Market!

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

FP ground beef 1.29/lb

Whole boneless pork tenderloins 2.99/lb

12 oz Aberdeen bacon 1.25

18 oz JIF 1.67

Lettuce 1.00/head

4 lb potatoes 1.67

Food Depot (+10%):

12 pk cans Dr Pepper/Pepsi 2.77

32 oz kraft mayo 1.69

FP center cut pchops 1.55/lb

3 lb bag onions 1.00

12 oz salad mix 1.00

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

3 lb bag onions .99 ...check out this link to see what time it is!!!

Dothan PW (+10%):

medium eggs .86/doz

FP boneless chick breast .88/lb

FP cubed steak 2.44/lb

5 lb Martha white flour 1.78

64 oz oj 1.88

10 oz corn flakes .99/box

10 lb potatoes 2.98

Bell pepper .38 ea

Broccoli crowns .98/lb

Apples .77/lb

Tomatoes .58/lb

Cantaloupes .98 ea

Southern Family Market:

(they double coupons <1.00)

*Charmin 12 dble roll 4.99(-.25x2)…19c per sgl

*Bounty basic 8 rolls 4.99(-.25x2)…56c per roll

Boston butt .99/lb

* MOM bag cereal 2.69 (got Qs?)

Chunk or shred cheese 8 oz 1.50

Little debbies 1.00/box

*32 oz powerade 1.00 (use Q for buy 3 get 1 free)

*Veg all froz veggies 1.67 (-$1/2)

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