Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan 28th to Feb 3rd Piggly Wiggly Deals

Dothan PW (+10%):

*16 oz kraft bbq sauce .39

Crystal Hot Sauce .36

PW Milk $2.77
Whole Fryers .88/lb
Bryan Cocktail Smokies $1.95
Center Cut Pork Chops $1.55/lb
Pork Loin Chops $1.27/lb
Bar S hot dogs .88/lb
*Golden Flake Potato Chips $1.25
Cole Slaw Mix .97
Grapes $1.28/lb
Tomatoes .58/lb!!!!!
Delicious Apples .88/lb
Romaine Lettuce .98/lb
Navel Oranges $1.96/4 lb
Old Fashioned Ice Cream (Bucket) $2.96 /4 qt

The prices highlighted in red are those we deem to be "stock up" worthy!
The items with an asterisk indicate "available couponage" as my 2 year old calls it!

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