Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Local Grocery deal Jan 21-27th

January 21-27

Headland PW
highs and legs .89/lb
Pork chops fam pack 1.29
Shank Ham 1.29/lb
8 lb potaotes 2.99
Grapes 1.69/lb

Ground beef 1.59/lb
Boston Butt .99/lb
IGA cheese 3/$5 or 1.67 each
Hot Pockets 6/$10 or 1.67 each

Winn Dixie:

I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so check this blog site to see her coupon match-ups for WD.

Ground beef 1.69/lb

Split chicken breast .99/lb

Red seedless grapes 1.00/lb

6 oz fresh blueberries 1.00/lb

*Select GM cereals bogo

*cinn toast crunch & reg cheerios 1.99

*MOM cereals 2.69…buy 3 get a FREE gal of milk!

*bugles and chex mix bogo

*grands biscuits 1.25 ea

*Kashi cereal bars 3.00 (-2.00Q)

48 oz Wesson oil 2.99

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

Pork steak .99/lb

Sweet potatoes .39/lb

4 lb potatoes 1.50/bag

Food Depot (+10%):

2 pk boston butt .83/lb

12 oz bacon 1.18

Jumbo brown eggs .99/doz

16 oz hillshire farm beef sausage 1.28

8 oz chunk or shred cheese 1.59

3 lb onions .99

White seedless grapes 1.49/lb

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Did anyone see an ad?

Dothan PW (+10%):

PW canned veggies .44

Med eggs .85/doz

CS ribs .95/lb

*Angle soft TP .98 (-$1 Q!!)

Pringles .85

PW shred cheese 8 oz 1.55

Pears .58/lb

4 lb oranges 1.33 bag

Cabbage .27/lb

3 lb apples 1.88/lb

Cherries 2.66/lb

Southern Family Market:

(they double coupons <1.00)

Didn’t get an ad this week….

Month of January deals:

*Charmin 12 dble roll 4.99(-.25x2)…19c per sgl

*Bounty basic 8 rolls 4.99(-.25x2)…56c per roll

* MOM bag cereal 2.69 (got Qs?)

Milk 3.19/gal (keep your paper for price matching @WM!)

Country Best roll sausage 1.19/

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