Friday, May 8, 2009

Local Grocery deal May 6th-12th

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (+10%):

4 lb sugar 1.33 bag

Whole ham .68/lb

Whole chicken .88/lb

Whole pork loin .98/lb

Large eggs .68/doz

Boneless eye of round roast 1.97/lb

Center cut pork chops 1.55/lb

Bar S jumbo hotdogs .78

16 oz Aberdeen bacon 1.33

10 lb potatoes 1.97

Angel soft TP .86 4 roll

Tomatoes .65/lb

Pineapple 1.88 ea

Fresh yellow squash .77

Headland IGA:

Select Kelloggs cereals 1.67 ea

(-$1 Q for Apple Jack and Frosted Flakes out there!)

IGA marshmallows .79 bag

Headland PW:

5 lb Gold Medal Flour 1.69

4 lb sugar 1.50

12 oz PW shred cheese 1.89 bag (.16/oz good if you need some...last week was .12/oz)

Whole chickens .99/lb

Note: Smart shopper stamps are doubled on Wednesday.

Beware! It now takes 2 smart shoppers cards for some items!

Winn Dixie:

Fresh asparagus 1.99/lb

Fresh strawberries 1.67/lb

12-16 oz birdseye froz veggies 1.00 ea

Campbells chick noo or tom soup .50 ea

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

*Select Kelloggs cereals 1.67 ea

Large eggs .89/doz

64 oz DF oj 1.50

2 pk boston butt .99/lb

FP ground beef 1.58/lb

Whole chicken .99/lb

Strawberries 1.67/lb

Celery .69 bunch

Jumbo Vidalia onions .59/lb

Cauliflower 1.39 bunch

2 lb lemons 1.99/bag

**see ad for mfg Q FREE diet pepsi 12 pk wyb 3 12 pks

12 pks Diet Pepsi 3.66 ea

Food Depot (+10%):

10 lb leg quarters .44/lb

12 oz CP bacon 1.58 pkg

16 oz CP smokes sausage 1.45 pkg

FP cubed stead 1.98/lb

2 pk boston butt .89/lb

DF milk 2.99/gal

3 lb Vidalia onions 1.49 bag

Red or golden del apples .69/lb

Sweet potatoes .37/lb

Broccoli .95/lb

Navel oranges .29 ea

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Whole pork loin, sliced free .99/lb

12 oz CP hotdogs 1.00 pkg

12 oz CP bologna 1.00 pkg

10 lb leg quarters .49/lb

56 oz shurfresh ice cream .99 ea

Strawberries 1.57/lb

Southern Family Market:

*Sparkle paper towels 8 roll 5.99

*Angel soft TP 12 dbl or 24 reg 5.99

*Select Kellogg cereals 1.99 ea

Pears .99/lb

Cherries 3.97/lb

Note: Double Qs less than 1.00!!

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