Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a note....making it work.

Here at Main Street Mom Local Grocery Deals....most all the postings here are nothing but the weekly list. Just want to share a simple tip to expedite your shopping. We know that sometimes it seems overwhelming to stop at all the stores to take advantage of the sales. We know that your time is valuable and we know the saying that "time is money". I must admit that there are times that I know milk may be .50 less somewhere else, but it just makes sense to pay it and not subject the many shoppers to my weary toddler. What makes this consistently work for me and my friend shoppers of like mind, is that we confer with one another on our shopping days. For example, today I went to Brunos, Winn Dixie, and U-SAV. I received a list of desired items from Leah. She went to Walmart for me..... It really keeps me to my list, when she picks up my few regular walmart purchases.

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