Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Local Groc Deals Jan 27th - Feb 2nd

Dothan PW (+10%)
Bananas .38/lb
4 lb Bag FL oranges 1.88
Giant Salad Mix 1.77
Broccoli Crowns .88/lb
3# bag yellow onions .85
Bar S Bologna .88
Lykes Hot Dogs .88
Aberdeen Bacon 1.25/ lb
Milk 2.45/gal
First cut Pork Chops .88/lb
Fryer wings 1.58/lb
Kraft Salad Dressings 1.96/ 16 oz
Ramen 6 pk .88
Old Fashioned Ice Cream 2.98 gal bucket
Bounty Towels .77/roll
Angel Soft .77/4 pk

Food Depot (+10%)
Vine Ripe Tomatoes .99/lb
3# bag FL Red Grapefruit 1.44
Gusto Ham Steaks .95/lb
Pork Loin Chops .95/lb
10# bag Fryer Leg quarters .44/lb
Sauer's Mayo .99 (limit 1)
Dairy Fresh Ice Cream 1.99/ half gal.

U SAV Cherokee IGA
2# bag fugi apples .99
Fryer Breast .89/lb
Gusto Ham Steaks .99/lb
Boston Butt .95/lb
Flavorite Cheese assortment 1.66/8 oz.

Brunos (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons!)
Kraft Mayo 2.50 (Thurs-Sun)
Shrimp Lover's...BOGT is back!  (Buy one get two!)
Lg Raw Shrimp easy peel BOGT!
Land O' Frost deli meat BOGO makes them (2) 10 oz pkg/2.99!!! Pretty good!
Breakstone sour cream $1/ 8 oz.
Duncan Hines Cupcake, cookies and fudge chewy brownies $1
Barber's OJ .99/ 64 oz

Headland IGA

Tomatoes .99/lb
Leg Quarters .45/lb
Kellogg cereals assortment 5/$10...that's $2/box folks...with q's its an even sweeter deal!
IGA Cream Cheese .99/ 8 oz
IGA hashbrowns or tater tots 1.69
IGA or Flavorite oil assortment (canola too) .83/ 24oz!!!!!

Winn Dixie
WD gal jug OJ 2.50
5# box clementines 4.99

Headland Piggly Wiggly

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

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