Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Local Groc Deals Feb 10th - 16th

Had the pleasure of attending a field trip with my son today....that is why I am posting so very late....or I suppose I could just say "early" (it is actually 12:45am) ....

Hope many of you are finding this helpful!  Couponing can also maximize your savings; however, I do understand that many are just starting this process....learn your prices and just shop the deals and your savings will amaze you.  If you are unsure whether you want to shop this way, I challenge you to take the list to your favorite store and compare the prices you are currently paying....I would love to receive feedback.  Stewardship matters!



Dothan PW (+10%) 
3# bag Yellow Onions .95
3# bag FL tangerines 1.88
8# bag CA Navel Oranges 3.95
Pineapple 1.88 each
Seedless White Grapes .96/lb
2.5 Dz egg sleeve 2.50 (=‘s $1/dz)
Crystal Farms cheese 1.50/8oz
Sunny Land Hot Dogs .96/ lb
Farmland Sausage Chub .97/lb
French’s Yellow Mustard .97/14 oz*
Cheez-its 2/$3 /13.7 oz box
Pork Loin Chops 1.18/lb
Whole Hickory Smoked Ham .97/lb
Jumbo Pack Fryer Wings 1.58/lb (often>$3/lb)
Faygo 12 pk $1.97

Food Depot (+10%) Iceberg Lettuce .99
CP sausage chubs .88 each
Cedar Creek Sausage Patties 3.78/36 oz box
Cedar Creek Smoked Sausage 2.58/2#
Fryer Breast .77/lb
CS Ribs .87/lb
Boston Butt (2pk) .85/lb
16 rolls Charmin 3.99

U SAV Cherokee IGA 3# bag FL Temple Oranges 1.89
Tomatoes .87/lb
Fresh Express Salad mix 1.49/12 oz
White seedless grapes 1.59/lb
Skinless Boneless chicken breast 1.67/lb
Flavorite Buter $2/lb

Winn Dixie 
Asparagus 1.79/lb
Iceberg and leaf lettuces .99 each

Price Wise Sugar 1.50/4lb bag!!!! Stock up price (over $2.50 elsewhere)
Gold Medal Flour 1.59/5 lb
Romaine lettuce .99 each
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1.89/lb
Gwaltney Shank Ham Portions .99/lb

Stephenson Smith IGA
Bananas .45/lb
3# bag yellow onions .99
10# bag Russet Potatoes 1.99
Tomatoes .69/lb
White Seedless Grapes 1.49/lb
Dutch Farms Cheese assort 1.67/8oz.

Brunos  (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons!)

Headland IGA

Headland Piggly Wiggly

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

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