Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Local Groc Deals Feb 3rd - 9th

Dothan PW (+10%)  
Hass Avocado .44 ea
Vine Ripe Tomatoes .58/lb
10 # bag Potatoes 1.44
5 # bag Grapefruit 2.18
Slaw mix .95
Chuck Roast 1.97/lb
Boneless Rib eye steaks 3.85/lb
Boston Butt .77/lb 2-pk
CS Ribs .87/lb
Breast tenders 1.48/lb
Smoked shank ham .88/lb
Krispy saltines .98
Lays potato chips 1.96
Moore’s marinade 1.65
PW gal OJ 2.75

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)
8# bag potatoes 1/48
Pork Roast .88/lb

Food Depot (+10%) 
Red Seedless Red Grapes 1.66/lb
Boston Butt 2-pk .85/lb
Whole Sliced Smoked Picnic .97/lb
Boneless Skinless Ckn Breast 1.48/lb
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1.99
Hot Pockets 1.79
8# bag apples 4.99 (like .50/lb)
Heinz Ketchup 1.69/40 oz

U SAV Cherokee IGA 
Pineapple 2.49
Jersey Farm Milk & OJ 2.50
Fryer Breast .98/lb
CS ribs .98/lb

BrunosNo Brunos ad

Winn Dixie

Armour Meatballs 4.99 & BOGO
Eckrich  smoked sausage 3.99 & BOGO
Tetley Family sized tea bags 2.29 & BOGO
Ball Park meat or turkey franks 2.99 & BOGO
(all these above deals have Q’s which make BOGO all the better)
Buy Red Baron Pizzas 2/11.98 and get free Tyson tizers, free Bryan Cocktain smokies, free 2 liter of coke product and free 48 oz Edy’s Ice cream

Headland IGA
Ripe Avocados .65 ea
3# bag yellow onions .99
Kraft Mayo 1.99 (with in-ad q)
Kraft Salad dressing .99 (with in-ad q)
Rotel $1 each
Split Chicken Breast .98/lb
Kraft Cheese 1.50 (with in-ad q)
Hot Pockets 1.79
Pineapple 2.98

Headland PW
Slaw mix .99/1#
Peeled baby carrots  .99/#
Flanders Beef Patties 6.99 (that is 1.40/lb)
Leg quarters .49/lb
Rib Eye Steaks 5.99/lb
Boston Butt .89/lb
Jumbo Wings of Fire or Honey BBQ 3.99/5lb (that is  .80/lb!!!)  get ready for the Superbowl!
Canned Pink Salmon 1.99
Rotel $1

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Main Street Mom said...

Just did the Winn Dixie Superbowl pizza special!!! It came to a grand total of $13.06....with a savings of $15.76!!!!