Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Local Grocery Deals February 17th-23rd

Dothan PW (+10%)
CA Iceberg Lettuce .77 ea
Rome, Red or Gold Eastern Apples 1.98/5#
Fl Temple Oranges 1.88/4 lbs
8 # bag Potatoes 1.68
Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes .67/lb
Bar S Jumbo Franks .85 ea
Thank You Ham or Turkey sandwich meat 1.77/10oz
Baking Hens .88/lb
Lean Ground Beef 1.27/lb
Pork Chops .86/lb
DM Ketchup .85/24 oz
PW sugar 1.50/4 lb
Charmin TP .88/ 4pk
Ritz Crackers 1.97/16 oz box
Allen’s Greenn Beans .97/28 oz can

Food Depot (+10%)
3# bag Red Grapefruit 1.49
Mini Carrots .99/16 oz
Dole Bananas .47/lb
Boston Butt .89/lb
Boneless Skinless Fryer Breast 1.38
Armour Lunchmakers 4/$1
2 liter Pepsi .88 each (limit 4)
Sauer’s Mayo .99 (limit 1)

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)
Iceberg Lettuce .78each
FP Split Fryer Breast .68/lb
Lean Ground Beef 1.38/lb
Chuck Roast 1.98/lb
Ziplock bags 10-20 ct
(qt,gal,storage or freezer) $1

Winn Dixie 

2 liter 7-up, A&W, RC Cola, or Diet Rite .69 ea
Swordfish steaks 2.49 each (5oz)
Anjou, Bosc, or Red Pears .79 each
B-ball smoked turkey sandwich meat 1.59/14 oz
Keebler Club Crackers 1.64
Nabisco Saltines .99/ 16oz

Celery .99
Jersey Milk 3.19
Parade sugar 4lb 1.50
Smoked ham portions .99/lb

Stephenson Smith IGANothing this week

Brunos  (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons!)
Check out the Seafood BOGT deals!!!!Salmon, Cod, Tilapia, Raw shrimp, cooked shrimp and scallops
Birds Eye Steam Fresh frozen Vegetables 3/$5*

BY spring water 2.50/24 pk
Bruno’s Large Eggs .99 (limit 4)

Headland IGA
 Borden Cheese assortment 1.65/ 8oz
IGA Apple JC 1.50/64 oz
Turkey Breast 1.39/lb

Headland Piggly Wiggly
 PW Cream Cheese $1
24 oz White house Apple sauce $1

U-Sav(Cherokee IGA)
CP Sausage Chub  .97
Whole Sliced Smoked Picnics .97/lb
Fryer Breast .87
Swiss Miss Cocoa Mix .98
Flavorite Apple Jc 1.50

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