Saturday, July 31, 2010

Local Grocery Deals July 28-Aug 3

I have been out of town.....Many thanks to Sharla for compiling the deals!
Headland IGA
boston butt 1.19/lb
Bananas .48/lb – also some on clearance
Plums or nectarines .98/lb
Liptin fam size tea bags 1.79/24 ct
Pears .88/lb
Peaches .68/lb
Strawberries 1.88/lb

Headland Piggly Wiggly
Pictsweet corn chub 1.00/20oz
Brownie or cake mix 1.00
Chicken or tuna helper 1.00
4lb potatoes 1.00
Lettuce 1.00
Peaches .69/lb
Bone-in pork chops 1.00/lb
Boneless shoulder roast 2.00/lb
2pk spareribs 2.00/lb
Whole chickens 1.00/lb

Dothan PW (+10%) 2 Locations!
whole chickens .88/lb
Boneless London broil 1.88/lb
Boneless round stak 1.98/lb
Whole hams .95/lb
Thighs &; legs .77/lb
Boneless center cut p-chops 1.77/lb
Bar-S jumbos(hotdogs) .88/lb
Thank-You brand sliced ham or turkey 1.50/10oz
Breaded chicken fingers 6.95/5 lb box
Talapia 11.95/5 lb box
Crisco oil 1.88/48 oz
Blue Bell ice cream 3.33/half gal
Hawaiian punch 1.85/gal
DM ketchup .85/24 oz
Frenchs mustard .97/14oz
Castleberrys hotdog chili .50/10oz
Hunts spag sauce .86/26 oz
Lipton fam siz tea bags 1.77/24 ct
Pictsweet froz corn chub .98/20 oz
10 oz instant potatoes .85
Bushs bake bans .66/28oz
MOM cinn toast or fros flakes 2.25/42 oz
Angel soft TP .88/4ct
Peaches .55/lb
Cantaloupes 1.50 ea
Plums .97/lb
Lettuce .98
Blackberries/raspberries/blueberries 1.77/pt

Food Depot (+10%) 3 Locations!
2 pk boston butt .99/lb
Leg quarters .45/10lb bag
Beef stew meat 1.99/lb
2pk med spare ribs 1.28/lb
FP Boneless skinless chicken breast 1.79/lb
CP smoked sausage 1.58/28 oz pkg—cheap!
CP bacon 1.48/12 oz
Bar-S hotdogs .79/12oz, not jumbos
Red or white seedless grapes .99/lb
Strawberries 1.99/16 oz
Blueberries 1.99/pt
Cabbage .31/lb
Peaches .77/lb
Japalenos .67/lb
2Lt pepsi products .90
5oz starkist tuna .45

Brunos  (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons!)
NY strip steaks (whole) 4.77/lb (Thurs-Sun)
Tombstone pizzas 2.37 ea (Thurs-Sun)
Gain detergent 3.77/50oz liquid (Thur-Sun)
Peaches .77/lb (Thur-Sun)
BY 6oz yogurt cups .25 ea
Mayfield ice cream 48oz BOGO5.29 for 2
Bone-in chicken breast .99/lb
Talapia buy 1 get 2 that’s abt $8 for 3 16oz pks
Med shrimp buy 1 get 2 that’s $9 for 3 16oz pks

Winn Dixie
red seedless grapes .88/lb
Corn .20 ea
Lg eggs .99
What????!! No meal deal!!!??? (they have spoiled us)

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