Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Local Grocery Deals Aug 4th- 10th

Headland IGA
ground chuck 1.89/lb
Boneless chuck roast 2.39/lb
3ct small spare ribs 1.49/lb
Fresh corn .30 ea
Bar-S jumbo hotdogs 1.00
Bar-S 3lb corndogs 4.00

Headland Piggly Wiggly
Center cut chuck roast 2.19/lb
FP T-bone steaks 4.29/lb
Boneless chicken breast 1.99/lb
Corn .26 ea
8lb potatoes 2.29
Squash .99/lb
Pineapple 2.99 ea
Cabbage .29/lb
Celery .99 ea

Dothan PW (+10%) 2 Locations!
FP T-bone steak 3.55/lb
FP bone-in split chicken breast .88/lb
Boneless eye of round roast 1.98/lb
Med eggs .49/doz (can't beat it)
Powerade .68/32oz
Kraft cheese slices 1.88/12oz
Charmin TP .95/4ct
Cabbage .24/lb
Corn .22/ea
Zucchini or yellow squash .77/lb
Green beans .58/lb
Red potatoes .58/lb
Strawberries 1.67/lb

Food Depot (+10%) 2 Locations!
chicken thighs or legs .75/lb
Whole ribeyes 2.58/lb
FP shoulder roast 1.99/lb
Whole or half boneless center cut pork loin 1.65/lb(great for lean BBQ!)
FP country style spare ribs 1.16/lb
Cubed pork cutlets 1.68/lb
FP Ground beef 1.38/lb
Peter pan peanut butter 1.28/16oz
Fresh mushrooms 1.09/8oz
Salad mix .99/12oz
Bananas .49/lb
Plums or nectarines .99/lb
Yotastic yogurt .36/6oz
Frozen corn-on-cob 1.26/6ct
DM spag sauce .79/26oz

Brunos  (bogo deals are even greater with doubled coupons!)
***TAX FREE AUG 6-8, restrictions apply***
Large eggs .77/doz
16oz Froz salmon filets buy 1, get 2 for $9
12oz Froz raw shrimp buy 1, get 2 for $9
BOGO items, limit 2:
3 ltr Cranberry juice 2 for 5.89
10ct Eggo waffles 2 for 2.59
Poptarts 2 for 2.49
8ct snack crackers 2 for 2.89
18oz Jif peanut butter 2 for 2.79
10ct Capri sun 2 for 3.25
Spend $30 get these items for .99 w/in-ad coupon:
Oreos 16-18oz pkg
Milk ½ gal
Strawberries 1lb pkg
Ice cream 56oz

Winn Dixie
white seedless grapes .88/lb
Buy 3 boxes of select Kelloggs’s cereal @ 4.99 ea and get fully cooked bacon, gal milk, ½ gal OJ, 12ct poptarts.  Not sure that this meets my approval of a “deal”—see what you think.>>>maybe so if  folks have coupons

Shur-Valu (Porter Square) No surcharge!!!!
FP bone-in chicken breast .67/lb (stock up)
FP ground beef 1.29/lb
Spiral ham 1.09/lb (great deal)
Center cut p-chop 1.89/lb
Corn .19 ea

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