Thursday, September 1, 2011

Local Grocery Deals August 31st - September 6th

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)

seedless watermelon 2.50 each
3# bag yellow onions .99
Ranier or Bing Cherries 1.77/lb!!!!!
Fresh slaw mix .95/ 16 oz
Boiling Peanuts .88/lb (its football season!!!)
Iceberg lettuce .98 ea
Tomatoes .75/lb
CF Bar cheese 1.50/ 8 oz
Kraft B-Que sauce .68/ 18 oz
Ground Chuck 1.88/lb
Oscar Mayer Wieners 2/$3  1 lb
10# bag leg quarters .49
Vlasic sweet relish .98/ 16 ox
Sauers Mayo 1.88/32 oz
del Monte Ketchup .85/24 oz
Blue Bell Ice Cream 3.33/ half gal

Food Depot +10%  (Cherokee IGA)

Iceberg Lettuce .79 ea
Green Cabbage .39/lb
Celery .79 each slaw mix .99/ 16 oz
Boiling Peanuts .99/lb
Ground Chuck patties 1.88/lb
Chicken Thigh Quarters .58/lb
Whole sliced Smoked Picnic Ham 1.28/lb
Chicken Fryer BReast .78/lb
2 pk Boston Butt 1.29/lb
Kraft B-Q sauce .69/ 18 oz
Del Monte Ketchup .69
Kraft Mac and Cheese .69/ 7.5 oz box
super chill 2 liter drinks .69
yotastic yogurt 3/$1 (6 oz cups)
22 ct multi pack Frito Lay chips $5

Shur Valu  (Porter Square)

Family Pack Chicken Leg Quarters .49/lb
Dixie Crystals 4# bag $2
12 pk 12 oz cans Coke Products 3/$10
Cheese it Crackers 2.50/ 11.5-13 oz box)

Dothan Food Outlet (+ 10%) 
(Formerly stephenson smith IGA by ridgecrest)

10# bag potatoes 1.98
Fryer Breast .69/lb
Lean Ground Beef 1.58/lb
Small Pork Spareribs 1.49/lb
Chips Ahoy Cookies 1.89


10 ears of corn $3
Bartlett  Pears 10/$10
12 pk 12 oz Pepsi Products Buy 2 Get 2 free (10.58/4 pks)
Lg shrimp Skewers 10/$10
Hellmann's Mayo BOGO (5.25/2)
Fresh Salmon fillets 7.99/lb (Farm Raised)
Fresh Tuna (wild caught) 8.99/lb
FL avocados 1.29 each
Sabra Hummus BOGO (3.99/2)
Cheese It Crackers BOGO (4.19/2)
Assorted Publix 2 liter soft drinks and Seltzer water 2/$1
Newman's Own Pasta Sauce BOGO (2.69/2)

Winn Dixie

Seedless Green Grapes 1.49/lb
Farm Raised Salmon Fillets 6.99/lb
CS WD all Natural pork Ribs BOGO
Sanderson Farms BOGO Ckn thighs or legs BOGO
Green or Hass Avocados 1.50 each

For a complete sale listing of   Publix and Winn Dixie check out Southern

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