Thursday, September 8, 2011

Local Grocery Deals September 7th- 13th

Dothan Piggly Wiggly (PW) (+10%)click here to find PW weekly Facebook Coupon!
this wk FB Q is Gal PW milk for 2.88!

Bananas .39/lb
River Ranch salad mix .77/ 16 pkg
Roma Tomatoes .66/lb
8 lbs Russet Potatoes 2.47/ 8 # bag
Shredded Collard Greens 2.55/ 32 oz bag
John Morrell's Hot Dogs .57/ pkg
Sunnyland Hot Dogs .97/ lb pkg
Morrell Bacon 1.88/ 12 oz pkg
5 lb bag Tilapia 13.75
Grade A Fryer Breast .55/lb
Whole Boneless Pork Loin 1.87/lb
Cooks Shank Ham portion 1.18/lb
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1.97
Jif PB 1.88/ 18 oz
Hunt's Spag Sauce .86
Canned Pride Corn and Green Beans .44/ 14.5 oz can

Food Depot +10%  (Cherokee IGA)

3# bag Gala apples 2.49
White seedless grapes 1.29/lb
3# bag yellow onions 1.29
Del Monte Spag sauce .88/ 26 oz can
12 pk /12 oz cans Pepsi Products 2.78
8 oz pkg DF Cheese assort 1.66
Hot Pockets 1.88
CS Pork Ribs 1.28/lb
Fresh Chuck Patties 1.88/lb
40# box Fryer Thighs $16
#2 smoked Shank Ham portion 1.09/lb
FP boneless Ribeye Steaks 3.88/lb
BAr S Jumbo Franks .79/lb pkg
Boneless Skinless Fryer Breasts 1.68/lb

Shur Valu  (Porter Square)

Iceberg Lettuce .79 each
Fryer Thigh Quarters .49/lb
Lean Ground Beef 1.69/lb
Bryan Franks .99/lb pkg
Kraft BBQ sauce .79 each
4 qt pail Shurfresh Ice Cream 3.49

Dothan Food Outlet (+ 10%) 
(Formerly stephenson smith IGA by ridgecrest)

Boston Butt 1.14/lb
Fresh Fryer Wings .89/lb
4 lb bag Dixie Crystals Sugar 1.96
24 pk Angel soft TP 4.99


follow this link to SS very comprehensive coupon matches

Winn Dixie

follow this link to SS very comprehensive coupon matches

For a complete sale listing of   Publix and Winn Dixie check out Southern

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