Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Local grocery deals

January 14-20

Headland IGA:

Haven’t seen an ad yet….

Headland PW:

2 pk boston butt 1.00/lb

*5 lb domino sugar 2.00

8 oz PW cream cheese 1.00

8 oz PW cool whip 1.00

8 oz Daisy sour cream 1.00

64 oz Dole OJ 2.00

*Pringle, chex mix, bugles 1.00

?? PW seasonings .33 ea ?? what does this mean ??

Winn Dixie:

*Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cheerios 1.99 ($1 off 2 or $1 off 3)

U-Sav (Cherokee IGA):

Chicken breast .79/lb

CP sausage chub 1.25/lb

FP ground beef 1.49/lb

Honey nut cheerios 2.00

Strawberries .99/pt...(just sounds good)

Cabbage .33/lb

Food Depot (+10%):

10 lb leg quarters .39/lb

CS ribs .95/lb

Land o frost sandwich meat 1.38/lb I even called to make sure it was not a typo!

(W-m***'s roll-back this week was $3.98!!!)

Strawberries 1.98/lb

bananas .44/lb

sweet potatoes .38/lb

ketchup del monte .75/24 oz

kraft b-que sauce .58/18 oz

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Pork loin (sliced the way u like it) $1/lb

Smoked shoulder ham $1/lb

Dothan PW (+10%):

*16 oz kraft bbq sauce .44

3 lbs or more, ground chuck 1.66/lb

FP center cut pchops 1.55/lb

FP thighs .44/lb

Spiral Ham .96/lb

pork loin sliced .98/lb

Froz corn chub .96

PW oj 2.44/gal

12 oz salad mix .96

12 ct bag lemons 1.50

PW brand veg oil 1.97/48oz

kraft b-que sauce .44/lb

navel oranges 2.98/8 lb

yellow squash .84/lb

Southern Family Market:

(they double coupons <1.00)

whole fryers .89/lb

Variety of apples .99/lb

tastee choice cooked salad shrimp $1/4oz bag

Month of January deals:

*Charmin 12 dble roll 4.99(-.25x2)…19c per sgl

*Bounty basic 8 rolls 4.99(-.25x2)…56c per roll

* MOM bag cereal 2.69 (got Qs?)

Milk 3.19/gal (keep your paper for price matching @WM!)

Country Best roll sausage 1.19/lb

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